Conscious Journeys



Mt. Kailash

16 Days

Choose your own dates, and your own group! We offer few unique itineraries that perfect for families, groups of friends, or just the two of you to Tibet. Mt. Kailash Journey is a great example of one of the private journeys.

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Everest Base Camp

14 Days

With access to network of tourism professionals in every corner of the Tibetan Plateau, we offer an incredible range of experiences with journeys for everyone. Join in a small group with 4 -12 people and experience Tibet with us.

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Magical Tibet

14 Days

Spiritual Journeys offers an experience full of inner awakenings. Whether you are a part of Dharma Center, a meditation group or a simply exploring your own spirituality path, a pilgrimage to Tibet’s most scared places is a blessing of a lifetime.

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Service Journeys

7 -21 Days

Special Offer

Volunteer in local communities while staying with Tibetan family. We offer a balanced blend of cultural immersion, sustainable travel and volunteerism excursions to Tibet for volunteers such as doctors, nurses, dentists, adventurists, and students.

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Breakfast and Goodby at Chadu's

Tibetan Homestays

3-12 Days

Special Offer

Are you a student or an adventure traveller who wishes to experience Tibet’s living and breathing culture? Then consider our Tibetan homestay program for your next visit as we arrange homestays with nomads, farmers, and monasteries.

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Nomads Migrating

Customized Journeys

Your Term

We offer an incredible range of experiences with journeys for everyone. Whether you want to stay in a monastery for 3 months, celebrate your anniversary at Everest Base Camp or take that family vocation you always wanted, we can customized a journey that is right for you.

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  • “We had a wonderful trip. I especially enjoyed the time in eastern Tibet, where we stayed with the families of yak herders and barley farmers and at the old monastery. I would have liked to have more time in that area and less in the Lhasa area.”


    David Bye
  • “I loved being able to visit numerous towns and see numerous communities. I enjoyed seeing different parts of Tibet and sharing time with numerous individuals.”


    Ellen E.
  • “Everything was incredible, smooth, flexible. The guides were the heart of the trip as always… and made sure we had everything we needed.”


    Nicole T.



Yarkyi Journeys

10 Days


Are you a current or potential sponsor of TVP’s Scholarship Program who is considering traveling to Tibet? 2016 Yarkyi Journey is scheduled from August 5th to August 19th.

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Surmang Journey

14 Days


We are working with Kunchok Foundation organize a journey to Surmang for the grand opening and consecration of the new shedra at Surmang Dutsi Til monastery and the new Lhakang in July 2016.

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Holy Lhasa main page

Holy Lhasa

5 Days

If Lhasa you are considering a short and sweet visit to Tibet as part of stopby or an exenstion of a longer trip either from Nepal or Mainland China, Holy Lhasa will be the perfect itineary for you.

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